Hypnosis discovery session
CHF 220
1 hour
In the massage room

Would you like to discover hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state of expanded consciousness. It is also a set of techniques that allow positive suggestions and visualizations to reach the subconscious mind and thus release, unwind tensions and blocked emotions.

Family Hypnosis
CHF 350
1 hour
In the meeting pod

An original way to discover the benefits of hypnosis within your family circle. A playful, sensory and creative experience. Children are particularly receptive to hypnosis as they have naturally more imagination. Through games, exercises, tales, stories … in collaboration with the parents, this session helps everyone to express their feelings, emotions and open up the imagination. It should be noted that this session is not a therapy session.

Erotic hypnosis duo session
CHF 350
1 hour
In your pod

Erotic hypnosis operates in the exact same way that traditional hypnotherapy does: it makes you highly vulnerable to the power of suggestion by putting you in an incredibly relaxed state. This hypnosis session for two allows you to discover and experiment, through imagination only, new desires, new fantasies.

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