A harmony between modern design and mountain flair

Designed for groups and families, our chalets are ideal for anyone looking for
a getaway with all the comforts and amenities of a guest house.

Mountain kids club

Eco-friendly structures

Ideal for groups and families

Soothing and relaxing atmosphere

Refined layout & furniture

With their clean lines and open spaces, the deceptively simple Swiss Cabins blend perfectly into their surroundings.

  • Breakfast served every morning with our electric food truck
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Dining and living area
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Private equipped terrace
  • Wifi

From CHF 450 / night

Rent your own eco-village

9 chalet-suites, 2 of which are two-storey, can accommodate up to 54 people and provide you with a unique experience in complete privacy amongst your family or friends.

A respectful construction

All of the resort’s buildings are now 100% self-sustainable in terms of energy. We collect water from the surrounding springs to supply all our facilities and run a turbine to generate electricity for over 200 households.

  • Supplied by spring water
  • Chalet constructed from larch wood from our Swiss forests
  • Built by our local craftsmen and companies

A work of textures

If you like neutral colours, you’ll love our Swiss Cabins. Their design focuses on the building materials and moves away from the traditional colours of rustic cabins. From OSB to large windows, wood paneling and textured concrete, building materials are part of the Swiss Cabins décor.

Modern, tailor-made hotel service

The extras!

  • BnB service
  • A delicious cake from the Chef to be shared upon arrival
  • Breakfast delivered every day by our customised 4×4
  • Starting this summer! Whitepod Mountain kids club


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