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Hypnosis discovery session
CHF 220
1 hour
In the massage room

Would you like to discover hypnosis? Hypnosis is a natural state of expanded consciousness. It is also a set of techniques that allow positive suggestions and visualizations to reach the subconscious mind and thus release, unwind tensions and blocked emotions.

Family Hypnosis
CHF 350
1 hour
In the meeting pod

An original way to discover the benefits of hypnosis within your family circle. A playful, sensory and creative experience. Children are particularly receptive to hypnosis as they have naturally more imagination. Through games, exercises, tales, stories … in collaboration with the parents, this session helps everyone to express their feelings, emotions and open up the imagination. It should be noted that this session is not a therapy session.

Session with hypnagogic light
CHF 200
1 hour
In your pod

An invitation to an extraordinary inner journey. Immerse yourself in non-ordinary states of consciousness and deep relaxation. Thanks to a new neurostimulating lamp technology, discover how to reconnect with your inner resources.